Styling A Carpinus orientalis/ Oriental Hornbeam Bonsai

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oriental hornbeam styling

With the Hornbeam undercover and out of the rain, it was time to start styling!

Pictured above; starting to study the Hornbeam (watched by Ninoslav Pirš of Tresh Design) and working out how to approach the massive task ahead of me.

hornbeam bonsai

One of the most obvious challenges to styling this tree was that it was now in leaf.........but it was too early in the season to fully defoliate it so I could see the trunks and branches clearly.

As a result, a lot of time had to spent studying my virtual design and the trunks and branches in front of me. Those branches that were unnecessary to the final design could, of course, be simply removed. But those that were required for the tree as a bonsai would need to be partially defoliated; removing only those leaves at the base of each branch and leaving foliage at the tips (to ensure the health of each shoot).

carving bonsai

I started working on the Hornbeam using a Makita diegrinder. My main aim for this first session of styling was to carve each of the stumps or trunks to the exact heights and diameter required by my design.

bonsai rain

Working on the tree as it poured with rain outside!

bonsai harry harrington

Hours and hours of carving were to follow...........

hornbeam bonsai

The two left-hand trunks reduced in height and partially shaped.

hornbeam bonsai

Two hours into the styling session and a lot of wood, and foliage, had already been removed.

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