Collecting Deciduous Trees In Autumn/Fall

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collecting yamadori

In the hills around the South-East of the UK there is a lot of chalk grassland, perfect for Hawthorn and Blackthorn

hawthorn yamadori bonsai

The base of a very old (100+ years) Hawthorn growing in a shallow layer of moss and leaf-mould. The deadwood and life-veins on the trunk have been created by decades of damage caused by the local deer and rabbit populations.

hawthorn yamadori bonsai

The same Hawthorn 2.5 years later after collection in October 2015. Height 32"/80cm

hawthorn yamadori

This Hawthorn was collected in late November 2015 growing in the shelter of a much bigger tree. The age-old bark and haunting characteristics of the trunk caught the eye of US potter Roy Minarai who asked if he could build a pot for the tree.

hawthorn bonsai

hawthorn bonsai

Two years later and the same hawthorn, in early Spring and Summer, planted in its new pot by Roy Minarai. Height 30"/74cm

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