Privet Bonsai Progression Series- Part Two

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privet bonsai

August 2012: A year after the restyling the tree and a month after defoliation in July, the tree has just put out a new crop of leaves and the redesign is complete.

Ligustrum ovalifolium/Common Privet bonsai Height 19"/48 cm

privet bonsai

My daughter Alice (aged 2) helping me photograph the bonsai in August 2012!

Update December 2013:

privet bonsai

December 2013: The privet bonsai after my annual Autumn/Winter pruning and wiring. The lower branches were allowed to grow freely through the growing season and after wiring, have visually better connected the foliage mass and carved base of the tree.

privet bonsai

Comparison of the Privet from 2005, not long after it had been collected (see Part One of this Progression Series) and early December 2013.

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